Get Ready To Apparate To New York City’s First Harry Potter Themed Bar

For those of us who spent our childhoods dreaming about creating our own potions in Hogwarts alongside Harry Potter, there have been few outlets that we could use to realize those dreams. Until now, that is.

While we still may never get our Hogwarts letters, a new pop-up bar called The Cauldron is opening in New York after a successful run in London. Finally, we’ll all have a chance to experience magic when it comes to brewing our own potion-like cocktails, and even when it comes to pouring beer.

When you enter The Cauldron,  you’ll be given a set of wizarding robes, the better to fit in in this new magical world. Of course, much of the magic in place at The Cauldron is the magic of technology, but when you can’t see it working, there isn’t much of a difference. You’ll also need your own wand, of course, and a cauldron for brewing your potions.

Don’t expect the cocktails – sorry, potions – you create to be your run of the mill fancy cocktails. By employing principles of molecular mixology, you can have a potion that bubbles, smokes, or even changes colors. It all depends on which ingredients you choose to put inside. The manager of the London Cauldron explained to Business Insider, “The potions behave in different ways according to what you put in them and how you make them.”

Though the pub is opening for a limited time only, there is hope that it will eventually become a permanent fixture in NYC. In order to experience the magic of the Cauldron, you will have to sit through an entire potions class, which lasts for roughly an hour and 45 minutes, and comes complete with a Professor Snape look-a-like to really keep you on your toes as you translate Ancient Runes and interpret potion recipes.