Black “Goth” Lattes Are Officially The New Coffee Craze

There is nothing like a great twist on the classic coffee to keep things interesting in the caffeinated world. A popular drink of choice for many coffee drinkers is the latte. In Italian, the word “latte” means milk and if you order a “caffe latte” in Italy, you will receive an espresso and steamed milk.

Stateside, a classic latte also consists of espresso with milk, however, many coffee shops have started to become rather creative when it comes to the drink. One such variation is the chai latte, that uses tea instead of coffee. The green variation is the matcha latte, which combines milk with green tea powder.

Lately, a new latte trend has been sweeping the internet and has been popping up all over social media. So, just what is this new beverage choice?


Introducing: the black “goth” latte. The darker variation on the classic coffee drink gets its unique (and to some, off-putting) color from activated charcoal. Activated charcoal has become quite the trend recently, as has been seen in ice cream shops as well (for example, black coconut flavored ice cream).

The dark ingredient is said to be quite healthy, and is meant to help rid the body of toxins. The charcoal combines with the coffee and milk to give the drink a grey-ish black color, that is most certainly unique. One thing is for certain, the drink makes for fantastic Instagram posts.


The exotic looking drink is currently available in coffee shops all over Australia, as well as the UK. However, due to its massive popularity, we are certain that the drink will most definitely begin to show up in coffee shops around the United States as well. Now the real question is, would you be willing to try one of these gothic black lattes, or is it too outlandish for your taste?