Ginger Ale and Upset Stomach — Does it Really Help?

We often find ourselves reaching for a bottle of ginger ale when we have an upset stomach. It’s almost an unconscious decision to buy one when your body decides that nausea is on the agenda today. The idea of ginger ale as a quick remedy for your upset stomach is an idea that has been enforced in our minds for generations, passed on from your grandparents to your parents to you. But, does it really work?

The Truth Behind Ginger Ale

According to dietician Andrea Mathis, the reason why we crave it as a cure is due to the fact that we have been conditioned to believe that it’s a cure. But, the truth is, ginger ale doesn’t actually cure an upset stomach. Even though fresh ginger root does alleviate nausea, commercialized ginger ale hardly contains any ginger. Most store-bought ginger ale is made up of sugar, carbonated water, and ginger flavoring. If you’re still wondering why you feel better after drinking the stuff, it’s mostly because of two reasons — the relation our mind draws between the two, and the carbonation helping your stomach settle.

The Alternatives

If you’re a regular ginger ale drinker to alleviate your stomach pains, always ensure that the brand you’re drinking uses real ginger root to make the drink. Checking the ingredients before buying can help you for real, instead of just in your mind. Another option is to make a honey-ginger lemon tea or lemon-ginger water at home, which can be made in five minutes and is wonderful for your health.

Recipe for Lemon-Ginger Water

For this healthy drink, in a cup of water mix in lemon juice, honey, and fresh peeled ginger piece. Give it a good stir and sip on it to calm that upset stomach! This is a sure-shot healthy way to alleviate nausea, but if ginger ale is your preference, then read the ingredients before buying.