Dunkin’ Cold Brew Concentrate Is About to Hit Stores Soon

If someone offers you a cold brew during chilly winters, will you take it or will you call them crazy? Well, if you are from New England, anywhere between Connecticut and Maine, you would definitely take it. Residents of that part of the world are crazy about their Dunkin Iced Brew. No matter if it’s snowing, raining, or it’s a hot summer day, you will never find a resident of New England saying no to an iced chilled brew. And this is why Dunkin has decided to roll out ice brew concentrates for people to stock up on.

The Idea

Joseph Stanziano, general manager and senior vice president of Coffee of the Company told the world that within the last three years, the company has made a revenue of around $200 million. He further added that they are trying to achieve a target of $1 billion by introducing new coffee variants to the world. Stanziano also added that the idea of making it easy for people to make coffee at home was inspired by customers who love to try new recipes in the comfort of their kitchen. Therefore, Dunkin is excited to let the world stock up on its new variants of cold coffee. Cold brew lovers can now find their favorite coffee in the form of a K-cup pod, coffee packs, and cold ground coffee.

The Perfect Cup of Cold Brew

Everyone likes their coffee in a certain way and prepares it differently. However, if you are trying to achieve the perfect cup of Dunkin cold brew, you can do it by adding any coffee grounds to a vessel and letting it sit in the cold water for as long as 24 hours. You can also get yourself one of those fancy cold brew makers that are available in different price ranges, apt for beginner to professional grade.