Costco Is Offering Trendy Hot Chocolate Bombs that Are Hard to Resist

Who can resist hot chocolate? Especially when the weather starts to get chilly and everyone’s looking for something warm, comforting, and delicious! A TikTok trend has been showcasing a delicious beverage that Costco has recently released into its stores. Although there are still a few holidays to go before Christmas comes our way, it’s hard to resist these amazing hot chocolate bombs!

A cup of hot chocolate with a fall pumpkin arrangement in the background Hot Chocolate Bombs are a Hit on TikTok

Much like a bath bomb, a hot chocolate bomb will melt in the hot milk in your cup, releasing all the ingredients needed for a delicious cup of hot cocoa. Because it’s such an amazing visual, many TikTok users have created content featuring this product. The moment the chocolate shell melts, a burst of cocoa mix, marshmallows, and delicious flavors come out. It’s definitely a fun and satisfying way to enjoy a seasonal chocolate beverage. According to Delish, a box that counts 16 of these festive chocolate bombs costs around $19 at this time. With each ball individually wrapped in a foil of festive colors, this will be an excellent stocking-filler come the holidays!

Chocolate bombs with melted toffee inside A Cornucopia of Flavors

Although classic hot cocoa is a staple for a reason, the variety box at Costco offers many amazing flavors. According to She Knows, the 16-piece package can contain flavors such as salted caramel, s’mores, strawberry, classic milk chocolate, and others. Although the flavors sound delicious and the cocoa bombs are filled with marshmallows and other goodies, one can always add a bit of whipped cream on top and decorate their drink however they like. Although the idea of a cocoa bomb sounds like a fun DIY project for someone very handy in the kitchen, Costco’s variety pack is an affordable and easy way to enjoy a mouth-watering and visually appealing hot drink. Amazing videos of this novel product can be found on TikTok and they’re a lot of fun to watch!