Bombay Sapphire Wants You To Level Up Your Gin And Tonics

There’s something about a gin and tonic that makes it a drink appropriate for any occasion, whether you’re at brunch, heading for a night out, or just need a little refresher after a long day of work. Perhaps its the herbal mix that permeates the gin, though of course, it wouldn’t be the same without the sharp bite of the tonic coming through as you wash it all down.

Even if gin and tonics are a perennial favorite, that doesn’t mean they can’t do with a little bit of innovation, so Bombay Sapphire has our backs.

No, it’s not an heirloom variety of gin, or some particularly weird flavor combination. Instead, Bombay Sapphire is releasing a line of edible gin paints. According to Bombay Sapphire, it “slowly infuses delicious flavor and a hint of color into the drink” if painted onto the inside of the glass. But for those who want the color without altering the flavor of their drink, the paint can also be used on the outside simply for decoration.

Though there are five paint flavors debuting, right now they’re only going to be released to five select bars in the United Kingdom, and no bar will receive the same flavor. There’s no fear of garishness like a sour apple flavored paint. The gin crafters have taken the care to use only different botanical elements that will best complement their standard infusion.

“We want people to have fun and be creative with the way they enjoy this iconic serve,” shared Renaud de Bosredon, Bombay Sapphire Brand Ambassador for the UK, in a statement. “Each essence has been carefully designed to complement our botanicals, showcasing the perfectly balanced flavor profile of Bombay Sapphire, and providing the ideal canvas for creative cocktails.” With any luck, the paint will be a big enough hit that it will make it to America.